How to Promote Your Roofing Business All Year Long
Admin Admin January 13, 2023

Is the first part of the year when you spend most of your roofing marketing budget? It's not just you.

To optimize your marketing budget, we'll share what we learned about when to promote your roofing firm. The survey indicated that most firms concentrate their roofing marketing efforts from January to June and forego advertising for the rest of the year.

Since most roofers have a similar workload pattern, it makes logical. This strategy may attract new clients in the spring, but things are kept from going in winter. With a few marketing changes, you may transform your roofing firm into a year-round business.

What months should you use your roofing marketing ideas? There is no one short time that will put you ahead of the game. Our strategy elevates your roofing company above the competition. Our roofing marketing concepts can be the same. With a few roofing marketing advice from our experts, you'll quickly notice the advantages of changing your plan.

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Stay in Their Minds! Roofers' Branding

You must build and sustain customer connections as a customer-focused firm. Before the initial meeting, that connection starts. It might begin with a social media post or a friend's recommendation. Visibility is crucial to future encounters, regardless of how it begins.

How to Apply This to Your Roofing Company:

This implies promoting beyond January and February. Keep writing, publishing, and running advertising.

By being visible throughout your off-season, you maintain client confidence. The more brand awareness you build, the more likely those impressions will turn into commercial engagements.

Increase Profitability and Benefit from Low Roofer Marketing Costs

Consider the cost connected with the rise and fall of roofing marketing initiatives if most of them are at the start of the year. From July through September, benchmark data shows that most roofing companies don't advertise.

Marketing while others aren't will increase your reach. During "off" seasons, several platforms provide lower advertising costs. Start promoting your roofing business year-round if you don't already. Keep note of price changes and utilize them later.

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Customers Are Your Asset! Let Them Get You New Clients

By extending your promotion throughout the year, you may reach new consumers. Use the connections you've created.

A new referral program is perfect for the off-season. Offer discounts and enhancements to encourage prior clients to refer your company to friends and family. It's a terrific approach to boost brand awareness and sales.

Train Your Customers to Identify Issues and Call You First

Although roofing contractors have a "busy season," they work year-round. The trouble is that some folks may only realize they need you once it's too late.

Seasonal changes are a great time to teach customers about maintenance, preventive services, and repair signals. Whether you knock on doors or pass out brochures, tell homeowners how to recognize bent shingles and what to do after a storm. When one of these concerns develops, they'll know what to do and who to contact.

For Financial Success, Stack Your Books for the Season

Many roofing contractors promote intensively at the beginning of the year to rapidly fill their books. This is fine if you've effectively staggered your marketing throughout the year. Instead, at the start of the year, you'll be ahead. You planned a marketing strategy months for each season—no need to over-market. You have everything covered.

With a New Marketing Strategy, Increase Profits

Your growth may be limited if you market in the first half of the year. As the months pass, new and retained clients will shrink significantly. You'll earn more return customers and recommendations with year-round marketing. Your enhanced plan will develop your business and make it more successful.

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Focusing on Marketing Pays Off for Business

Marketing is simple to see as a bit of part of your company. However, marketing affects all other elements of your firm. Business grows with good marketing. More business helps your team build community. Positive encounters lead to development via recommendations. Growth lets you alter your company's culture. Marketing modification may be the key to your business's success.

Marketing requires endurance. It's about the long picture, not just short-term rewards. You may transform your "off-season" into an "on-season" by spreading your marketing activities across the year. If you need help figuring out where to start:

  • Start small.
  • Create roofing marketing strategies that continue through the end of the year and make minor adjustments to your procedure.
  • Discover what works for your company and watch it evolve.

In 2022, we hope you can utilize this roofing marketing breakdown to make more money.

We'd want to learn about your roofing marketing strategy and how you intend to utilize the ideas above. What will you change first in your roofing marketing strategy?

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