Finding Ways to Cut Costs Without Reducing Job Quality
Admin Admin January 12, 2023

Roofers are affected by increased expenses in numerous sectors. However, you may decrease roofing expenses without sacrificing quality. Six ways to reduce roofing expenses on every project this season while still giving exceptional service:

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1. Remove unnecessary software

If you utilize many apps, the software might become expensive. Multiple systems could be more efficient and might lose data.

An all-in-one software solution helps reduce roofing expenses over time. To streamline your roofing business, CRM software includes everything you need.

2. Reduce paper documents

Roofers need contracts, estimates, material purchases, and more. Despite what you may assume, paper documents cost 3% of a company's revenue. Eliminating paper documentation saves time, money, and effort in roofing.

With CRM software, you may migrate from paper to electronic data without adjusting. CRM software users may utilize templates or easily convert standard paperwork into electronic documents to distribute to homeowners and securely save in their job files. SmartDocs, which automatically loads client information and allow e-signature, is another CRM software feature that saves time and money.

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3. Reduce overhead costs while adding employees

To save money, raise the quality and number of tasks your team does without recruiting more people.

CRM software offers several possibilities to reduce administrative work so your team can achieve more with fewer resources. Automated communications, including as appointment reminders and job updates, may be generated by CRM software operations.

Some CRM software systems have established a Customer Portal to simplify administrative activities related to customer satisfaction. This site lets you exchange papers, collect signatures and payments, answer client queries, and more.

4. Find alternatives with real-time price

Unfortunately, material price hikes and supply chain delays are the norms. Knowing the latest material knowledge will help you avoid these challenges and maintain profit margins.

Three significant material distribution firms use CRM software. Our CRM software platform integrates with these firms to give real-time pricing and branch availability. This helps your roofing firm maintain its profit margins by ordering just-in-stock supplies at the most excellent price. These linkages also speed up order placement and monitor supplies, keeping you informed.

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5. Reduce job site visits

With petrol costs at an all-time high, driving to and from jobs is time-consuming and expensive. Limiting project site visits reduces travel costs and roofing costs for each job.

CRM software lets you measure and collect up checks from your office instead of going to a project site. Eagleview and GAF QuickMeasure integrations allow you to take measurements digitally. A CRM software system lets you request aerial measurement reports, which are recorded in the work file after completion. Aerial measuring technology is 95% accurate and saves your crew from driving to a project site and climbing the roof.

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